The everything German shepherd book


The everything German shepherd book: a complete guide to raising, training, and caring for your German shepherd

THE GERMAN SHEPHERD BOOK S THE OWNER of a particular type of dog—or someone who is thinking about adopting one—you probably have some questions about that dog breed that can’t be answered anywhere else. In particular, you want to know what breed-specific health issues and behavioral traits might arise as you plan for the future with your beloved canine family member. THE EVERYTHING® DOG BREED GUIDES give you clear-cut answers to all your pressing questions. These authoritative books give you all you need to know about identifying common characteristics; choosing the right puppy or adult dog; coping with personality quirks; instilling obedience; and raising your pet in a healthy, positive environment. THE EVERYTHING® DOG BREED GUIDES are an extension of the bestselling EVERYTHING® series in the pets category, which include The Everything® Dog Book and The Everything® Dog Training and Tricks Book. These authoritative, family-friendly books are specially designed to be one-stop guides for anyone looking to explore a specific breed in depth..
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